Yes! Broccoli! (Teaching Healthy Habits and Math)

That fist pump is well deserved

*This game was provided for review/preview. I was not paid for this blog and the opinions in this are genuine. You can find it for sale here.

When this game showed up on my doorsteps I really did not know what to think. This was the first time I was sent a primarily kids game… so who did I need to recruit? My children! Yes I enlisted my 5 and 6 year olds to join me in this game to see just how kid ready this was.

This game is 2-5 players and only contains cards. The art is cute and there is no problem showing this to kids. (Starting to feel like a kid’s game but we still need more)

Gameplay is pretty simple. To begin with, every player gets a set of grocery bag cards. These will be used to bid for your selection place. They are numbered 1-8 with an extra number 9 for each if you have some kids that are not as skilled as others.

Nom Nom Nom

There are two types of cards that you will use during the game. Food cards and Power cards.

This game is great for helping kids learn which food can be good for you (positive score) and high are not so good (negative points) The goal is to get the most points possible at the end of eight rounds but there is no rule saying you can’t choose the unhealthy foods. I also like how the art reflects some things as well. Healthy foods are drawn doing some sort of activity that could be exercise or an example of how food helps you. The unhealthy foods are drawn mostly doing still activities like standing or leaning.

The eel(power) cards grant small bonus that do not feel unfair. For simple play you do not use these at all.

Once everyone has their cards you set up the play area. Shuffle all the food cards together and lay out a number of them equal to the amount of players. Each player then chooses one of their bid cards and lies it face-down. All of them are revealed at the same time and the winner goes first choosing their food while the others go in whichever place they finished.

If you tie with your cards you can count the broccoli in the corner to determine who breaks the tie.

As you play the rounds you gain your cards and lie them in front of you. At the very end you tally them up and the winner is the one with the highest score.

My kids love this game! It was easy for them to learn and they began to choose the biggest numbers and jokingly say Noooooooooo!!!!!!!! When they had to grab an unhealthy food. As my wife pointed out, this game is also great for teaching them simple addition and subtraction.

I asked my son what the game was trying to teach him and he said that it was trying to teach you what was healthy… that doesn’t exactly mean i finally converted him to the green side, but it was nice to see he got the message.

Honestly this game surprised me with its simple yet fun mechanic and the joy it brought my kids. If you are a parent, teacher or maybe someone wanting a game for your niece or nephew to play while learning good habit then I an highly recommend this one!

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