Verge Of War Pre-Orders Announced



Verge Of War is a 2-4 person miniatures wargame with RPG elements, representing planetary battles set in a original Sci-Fi Universe.

Year 2228…The forces of the Human fleet conducted a routine raid against pirates in the sector but discovered that they were not alone in the universe.

Verge of War’s 1st Kickstarter campaign was dedicated to the first encounter of Human forces and the Seit at the edge of Humanity’s empire, on the planet Griffon 22-4.

The Seit are a race of mighty psionics and insidious intriguers, cold and remorseless they are accustomed to conquest and domination.

The battle for the planet Griffon 22-4 has begun! What will be the result of this battle and what future awaits the galaxy?.. The future is uncertain… You can help decide!

About Seit

About Humans

The “Verge of Light” book will be available for sale on our website after a multi-stage proofreading and correction. Pledge’s immortality backers will receive printed version.

Thanks to their backers support, they created two armies that will battle for Griffon – the Humans and the Seits.

New miniatures such as the free pose Knight model and the Self-propelled Howitzer “Scorpion” in the Human Army, as well as the Killer drone “Raiksyly” and Light assault drone “Carsyly” in the Seit Army were made possible by this.

new miniatures in Human army

new miniatures in Seit army

In the second Kickstarter, they plan to further expand the armies with the help of the Stretch Goal section, as well as to introduce the following two armies – the Pirates and God-like Asgars, one of the oldest races in the Galaxy.

Pre-orders for Core Box/Full-Force Box and All-in Box with two sets of armies and Late Pledges for backers are opened until February 15th, 2019! Check it on our website -> store -> pre-order.

two armies

Don`t miss your chance to plunge into a new unique sci-fi world, gather your unique army, integrating your creativity and become an active creator of the history of Verge of War!


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