Golem Miniatures

If you have often you found yourself looking for the perfect traveling merchant miniature and wished he had an animal laden with objects then Golem Miniatures is here to provide!


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Based in France, Golem Miniatures creates miniatures from Fantasy to Science Fiction and has unique models tat may suit your fancy.

I recently received a package from them which came overseas in about a weeks time. I will start here as I like the cases these models come in. The blister is a harder plastic and it contained the model as well as some bubble wrap. I love the packaging so much I may save them for delicate miniatures I have to transport later.

My package contained the merchant Simeon the Merchant (7,00€) and his trusty pack buffalo (10,00€). Each are available separately or can be bought in a limited edition bundle like this one. When I last checked the web-store only 9 more bundles remained at a crazy price of 12,00 €

I took some photos just to show how detailed these models are.

Set in the 35mm scale Simeon and Buffalo are cast exceptionally. I can faintly see a mould line but it is minimal and will be easy to clean as it is in an area under the buffalo.

golem miniatures (2 of 11)golem miniatures (9 of 11)

Both model are capable of standing without a base for those that want to set them up on a new diorama. golem miniatures (10 of 11)

One thing I like about the sculpts is small details from the anatomical correctness of the Buffalo to the small tattered clothing rips on Simeon’s clothing. For the price of these models the details and sculpting that went into these we translated beautifully.

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But Fantasy isn’t the only aspect of Golem Miniatures, They also deal in Science Fiction.

Listed under the Gaijin section of the store are a cool set of sci-fi samurai robots and aliens. I was lucky enough to get Hiroshi (7,00€) in my order and can say that his sculpt is just as nice as the other models. the weapon and arm are attached to each other so attaching it with a small pin on his arm will ensure it says secure. From viewing the model glue will also hold the arm up well enough.

While there are many different categories of models:

Zombies, Beach, Anatomy (Warning NSFW pictures in this link), Pretty Girls, Medieval and Gaijin

Golem Miniatures has also ventured into creating collectible resin dice.

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Monster Dice were created by Golem through Kickstarter. The most recent project funded and is over but the dice from that project (found here) will begin to fulfill soon with the extra sets being made available on the store in April.

They are interesting. The set I have are now sold out but they do not have the monster on the same sides. (This was remedied in the newest project with all monsters now being on the same number). Holding them they are pretty sturdy. I will probably paint these and find somewhere nice to put them.

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Overall I am happy with these miniatures and the shipping process. I will be ordering some more when I get a chance.

Highly Recommended


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